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As part of the 30th Anniversary edition of Heaven on Earth ( yes its been that long) Belinda has recorded her version of "Superstar" You'll probably remember the Carpenters version. It's available to download in iTunes UK.

Long ago and so far away...I fell in love with you......

Listen to Superstar Below.

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Insight into Wilder Shores

Article From We get more of an insight into how the new album came about.

On a recent Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles, Belinda Carlisle bounced around the stage singing the classics, shaking her tambourine, and seducing a crowd of thousands. As she sauntered off the stage, the audience asked for more.
This demand echoed from the front-of-house to backstage, down the corridor, past the line of fans waving objects for autographs and into her dressing room. Underneath the backstage buzz, the faint sounds of Kundalini Mantras could be heard. In a flash, Belinda was whisked back out into the excitement to appease the audience with an encore. Her performance as powerful now as when her presence first lit up the Sunset Strip some 40 years ago.

About Belinda CarlisleBelinda Carlisle moved to Hollywood to join the late 70s punk scene. “It was 50 kids at most,” she recalls. “We formed [the band] the Germs, we came from the garage, I was the drummer…it was really amazing to be par…


Belinda Carlisle Pop

20 years plus without A pop album from Belinda! Rumours were abound in those 20 years about various albums "The Doris day Covers", "Real 2", "the 99 album that turned out to be a greatest hits..","Poprock Opera album" and in the 10's ? Rick knowels album. All of which never saw the light of day. However during those years Belinda released Voila ( The French one) Wilder shores (The Chanting one).  As well as the two albums Belinda recorded various songs in English. 
So here's Pop 2007 - 2017

If your a fan then you'll have all these songs by 29th September 2017, this is just concept art for you to use.
I still Love Him - from Voila SE  La Vie En Rose - from Voila SE Bonnie and Clyde - from Voila SE If you go away - from Voila SE Sun - From the Collection Goodby Just Go - From the Collection Have you Ever seen the rain - From 80's re-Covered Superstar - from 30th SE Heaven on Earth Why - from 30th SE Heaven on …

New Album - Wilder Shores

Belinda will be releasing a new studio album, her 1st in 10 years and it's going to be a pop album of repetitive chants "I wanted to share with my fans what I feel can be a life changing practice for anyone." Belinda's last studio album "Voila" was an album full of french standards (Covers). The Album will be released on the 29th September 2017.

Belinda Explains the Concept of Wilder Shores:
Belinda explains: I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over twenty five years and in the last twelve years I have built up a serious practice routine and begun studying the mantras that are used in classes much more closely. I've always wanted to do an album like this but I never felt I was ready until early in 2015. It's not just music on this album, it's a science that requires an element in the voice called the naad. Naad is almost a transference of energy through the voice and it wasn't easy for me to learn. That being said, I am a pop singer so…

Belinda Carlisle - The Collection - 2014

The Collection is a new greatest hits collection it will be released in the UK on 17th of March 2014. It will include a DVD of Carlisle's greatest hits for the 1st time as well as a new track "Goodbye Just Go".
Disc: 1
1. (We Want) The Same Thing 2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth 3. Live Your Life Be Free 4. Leave A Light On 5. I Get Weak 6. Big Scary Animal 7. Runaway Horses 8. Mad About You 9. Half The World 10. Sun 11. Little Black Book 12. Circle In The Sand 13. In Too Deep 14. Summer Rain 15. Do You Feel Like I Feel? 16. World Without You 17. La Luna 18. Vision Of You 19. Goodbye Just Go
Disc: 2
1. (We Want) The Same Thing (DVD - Promo Video) 2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (DVD - Promo Video) 3. Live Your Life Be Free (DVD - Promo Video) 4. Leave A Light On (DVD - Promo Video) 5. I Get Weak (DVD - Promo Video) 6. Big Scary Animal (DVD - Promo Video) 7. Runaway Horses (DVD - Promo Video) 8. Mad About You (DVD - Promo Video) 9. Half The World (DVD - Promo Video) 10. Sun (…

Greatest vol 1 and Greatest vol 2 - MP3 Only

Two new Greatest hits packages will be released. Vol 2 will include the new single sun. Both packages include material from Belinda's albums Heaven on earth, Runaway horses, Live your life be free and real. (The virgin years)

Live Your Life, Be Free [CD+DVD, Box Set]

The Live your life be free box set will be released on August 26, 2013.
This Deluxe 2CD+DVD casebound book re-issue brings together the original studio album along with single edits, remixes, B-sides, and a DVD featuring all of the promo videos along with a brand new interview with Mark Goodier discussing the album.

Disc: 1
1. Live Your Life Be Free
2. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
3. Half The World
4. You Came Out Of Nowhere
5. You're Nothing Without Me
6. I Plead Insanity
7. Emotional Highway
8. Little Black Book
9. Love Revolution
10. World Of Love
11. Loneliness Game
12. Live Your Life Be Free (Single Edit)
13. Do You Feel Like I Feel (Single Edit)
14. Half The World (Single Edit)
15. I Plead Insanity (Single Mix)
16. Live Your Life Be Free (Radio Edit)
Disc: 2
1. Live Your Life Be Free (Club Mix)
2. Little Black Book (Little Black Mix)
3. Do You Feel Like I Feel (Dance Mix)
4. I Plead Insanity (Extended 12")*
5. Live Your Life Be Free (Extended)*
6. Little Black Book (Belind…