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Solo Albums

 1986 | Belinda

Mad About You (P. Brown/ J.Welan /M.Y Evans)

I Need A Disguise (T. Kelly/ B. steinberg/S. Hoffs)

Since Youve Gone (C.Caffey/I.Segal/L.Buckingham)

I Feel The Magic (C.Caffey/I.Segal)

I Never Wanted A Rich Man (C.Caffey)

Band Of Gold ( R.Dunbar/E.Wayne)

Gotta Get To You (C.Caffey/B.Carlisle/P. Brown/ J.Welan)

From The Heart (C.Caffey/T.Caffey)

Shot In The Dark (P. Brown/ J.Welan)

Stuff & Nonsense (T.Finn)

 1987 | Heaven On Earth

1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Rick Knowel /Ellen Shipley)
2. Circle in the sand (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
3. I Feel Free (J.Bruce/P.Brown)
4. Should I Let You In?(Chalotte Caffey/M.Holdin)
5. World Without You (Diane Warren)
6. I Get Weak (Diane Warren)
7. We Can Change (Rick Knowels/Chalotte Caffey)
8. Fool For Love (R.Seidman)
9. Nobody Owns Me (Chalotte Caffey/M.Holdin/C.Lieberman)
10. Love Never Dies ( (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Rick Knowels)

1989 | Runaway Horses

1. Leave A Light On (Rick Knowels/Ellen Shipley)
2. Runaway Horses (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
3. Vision Of You (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
4. Summer Rain (Robbie Siedman / Maria Vidal)
5. La Luna (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
6. We Want The Same Thing (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
7. Deep Deep Ocean ( BillyStienberg/Tom Kelly/Amy Sky)
8. Valentine (Sandy Stewart/David Monday)
9. Whatever It Takes (Rick Knowels/Ellen Shipley)
10. Shades Of Michaelangelo (Chalotte Caffey/ Belinda Carlisle)

1991 | Live Your Life Be Free

1. Live Your Life Be Free (Rick Knowel /Ellen Shipley)
2. Do You Feel Like I Feel?(Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
3. Half The World (Richard Feildman/Eric Pressly/Ellen Shipley)
4. You Came Out Of Nowhere (Rick Knowel /David Munday)
5. You're Nothing Without Me (Rick Knowels)
6. I Plead Insanity (Rick Knowels/David Munday/Kusha Prasad)
7. Emotional Highway (Rick Knowel /Ellen Shipley)
8. Little Black Book (Richard Feldman/Marcy Levy/Belinda Carlisle)
9. Love Revolution (Rick Knowels)
10. World Of Love (Chalotte Caffey/Jeff McDonald/Steven McDonald)
11. Loneliness Game (Eric Pressly/Belinda Carlisle)

1993 | Real

1. Goodbye Day (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Jeff McDonald/Steven McDonald)
2. Big Scary Animal (Chalotte Caffey/Belinda Carlisle/R.Schuckett)
3. Too Much Water (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/R.Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
4. Lay Down Your Arms (Chalotte Caffey/R.Schuckett/Ellen Shipley)
5. Where Love Hides (R.Schuckets)
6. One With You (Chalotte Caffey/R.Schuckett/Ellen Shipley)
7. Wrap My Arms (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
8. Tell Me (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
9. Windows Of The World (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
10. Here Come My Baby (G.Alexander/Chalotte Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)

1996 | A Woman And A Man

1. Into Deep (Rick Knowels)
2. California (Stienberg/Rick Knowels/Maria Vidal)
3. A Woman And A Man (Robbie Siedman / Maria Vidal)
4. Remember September (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
5. Listen To Love (Christopher Garcia/John Inglesby/Ralph McCarthy)
6. Always Breaking My Heart (Per Gessle) 
7. Love Doesn't Live Here (Per Gessle)
8. He Goes On (Neil Finn)
9.Kneel At Your Feet (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey / Belinda Carlisle)
10. Love In The Key Of C (Rick Knowels)
11. My heart goes out to you (Rick Knowels / Allen Rich / Anders Baggee)

2007 | Voila

1. Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp (Guy Bontempelli)
2. Bonnie et Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)
3. Avec Le Temps (Leo Ferre)
4. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (Hubert Giraud/Jean Drejac)
5. Des Ronds Dans L'Eau (Pierre Barouh/Raymond Lesenechal)
6. Pourtant Tu M'aimes (Francoise Hardy/Jimmie Cross/Johnny Cole)
7. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel) 
8. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf/Louiguy/David Mack)
9. Contact (Serge Gainsbourg) 
10. Merci Cherie (Udo Jurgens/Thomas Horbiger/Baker Cavendish)
11. Jezebel (Wayne Shanklin)

2017 | Wilder Shores

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Playboy Wallpapers

These wallpapers were created to help promote VOILA on BC.NET  just before its release.
Wallpaper created using an image from Belinda's Playboy Shoot. Size : 1024 x 768 Pixels
Wallpaper created using an image from Belinda's Playboy Shoot. With superimposed clothing :) Size : 1024 x 768 Pixels